Paleo eating on a Budget

Since the beginning of time humans have found a way to survive on the natural resources this beautiful earth has provided us.

Before our fruit juices were filled with Corn Syrup, and our meats pumped with hormones. Fast forward a few million years and here we are McDonald restaurants fill every neighborhood like lamppost, obesity rates are skyrocketing, and all because of the food we are eating!

Enter the Paleo diet, I want to refrain from using the word diet because I honestly feel like Paleo eating is a lifestyle.

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The Perfect After Work Dinner

It’s a Monday evening and you’re coming off a pretty rough workday and now you’ve realized there’s nothing at home to eat! Time to scramble your too tired to make a five course meal but you don’t want to order take out for another night in a row.

Welcome to my world, I love making meals that are simple but delicious. I showed my buddy who owns a replacement windows company this recipe and he was floored by the time he was done!

Today were going to be making an Herb crusted chicken breast with a side of sweet and spicy Asian style vegetables. Super easy to make and super healthy for those watching their weight (like I always am).


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My Advice to Restauranteurs

Are you an up and coming restauranteur?

Do you currently have any under your belt?

If not well here are some things to keep in mind as you look to run your first of many.


Find a Passion

Discover what your favorite food to eat and also cook is. Think about what you can see yourself doing for the next 3-5 years. If it doesn’t taste right to you, it will show in your performance.

The business will not thrive unless there is absolute belief and passion in the product and service. Which leads to my next point…

Make the Best product you can

Do not half step or cut corners with this one. Your customers deserve the finest quality product, so don’t cheat them. If you cheat your customers, they will go to someone who cares (your competitors!).

Chipotle, and Bear Burger are two quick places that come to mind. They absolutely crush it with the quality of their product. I have never had a bad experience with their food. You want people to feel the same way about your restaurant.

Develop a Culture

Listen, its 2015 and the truth is: Stories sell. People love a good story, they love the feel goods and the culture building. Truthfully its a very “millennial” way that society has moved to but DAMN does it sell.

You need to create some modern culture for yourself. What makes you stand out from everyone else trying to sell the same thing you are. Are you unique? If so..story the crap out that selling point!

Never miss an opportunity to bring in people who fit the mold, and show those people off everywhere. Social Media Especially.

Just Go Hard – Hustle

At the end of the day, none of what I say matters if you don’t grind HARD. This is your business, your life, your passion – show us!

Never let anything stop you from making your business the best damn restaurant in a 200 mile radius. Be a leader, when things get tough (and they absolutely will), then show your team how you handle adversity.

Don’t be a pushover when it comes to your business. No one else will pay for your bills except you.

Market, Market, Market

My closing point is an important one. You need people in the door, you wont survive if no one is eating your stuff. My best advice is to get really good at social media and culture building. If you’re too lazy or don’t have the resources to allocate to it – then outsource it.

But…Do not…. DO NOT

Skip this one. Its vital.

Social media will make you rich and help your employees feel important.

So there you have it..My advice to someone looking to start up a restaurant or a number of them. Get to work folks.